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This week I lost 3.8 pounds for a total of 45.4 in 33 weeks.  I received my 45 pound star and congratulations from all my Weight Watcher pals. 

Again, let me say that I'm really thrilled with my progress and feeling confident that I'm going to reach lifetime status in 2010. 

Since I started WW in October, I have recruited three new people into the program.  So far, the first person I recruited has stopped going to meetings and I think she will probably end up quitting.  The second person is my sister who joined about a month ago.  My only sibling, A. has always been the athletic one and always way skinnier than me.  She has never been on a diet before.  But, she put on some pounds in the past couple of years and wants to lose 25.  She is well on her way, having lost 7 or more pounds in the few weeks she's been on the program.  It's fun. These past weeks she has really inspired me to follow the program to a "T".  The thought of her reaching lifetime status before me is just unacceptable.  Of course, I would be happy for either of us to reach that goal, but I really hope its both of us and at the same time.

The third person I've recruited is another kindergarten mom friend of mine.  She always tells me how fabulous I look and often compliments my hair and outfits.  She is really funny and sweet to build my confidence. 

On the last day of school (also weigh in day), she and I were talking about our plans for the day and she invited me to Subway with the kids for lunch.  I was planning to go weigh in so told her I couldn't go.  She asked about WW and how much weight I've lost.  She is also thinner than me, but wants to go back to WW.  She told me that I've inspired her to rejoin and she will be at the next meeting.  Isn't that cool?

I also met with her at a kids birthday party and she asked me about running.  I told her my route and schedule.  She wants to run with me.


So, I've lost over 45 lbs and gained a running buddy!


I'm off next week.  See you later this month.

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