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PostHeaderIcon Weight Loss Tale

PostHeaderIcon A Weight Loss Tale - Week One

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I had an exciting first week back on the Weight Watchers program and happily lost 6.4 pounds.  This demonstrates what I have known for a long time about Weight Watchers - the program works.  After last week's weigh in I felt so committed and enthusiastic that I immediately created a profile on the Weight Watchers Web site (www.weightwatchers.com) and committed to write down everything I eat and how often I exercize.  There are many new tools to help tally and tabulate food items, but my favorite is the Weight Watchers application for the iPhone.  Thousands of foods are preprogrammed to issue "points" of foods instantly. This week I was able to discreetly tap out food notes while dining using the Notes app. Perfect for sushi dinners, when I usually don't stop eating when I should.   

I also made an effort to get more exercize, which really helped my weight loss. This week I walked for exercise several times and ran for 12 minutes on a dark morning.

My biggest waste of points this week was a bagel store bagel with cream cheese. That food item consumed more than one-third of my total daily points allotment. What's worse, I did not feel satisfied after I ate it. My best use of points for the week was a Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich made with cookies and cream ice cream. It was a three point snack and such a treat after dinner. My kids and I all had one and they certainly didn't know they were eating "diet food."

Also, worth noting,  I did not feel at all hungry this week - not once. I tried to use all of my daily points which helped me avoid feeling hungry and overeating. I did use 7 of the extra 35 weekly points the program allows. Those points are for a special dinner out or you can divide the extra points up over a week. Or you can choose not to use them at all. 

The week ahead holds some temptations with Halloween parties on Saturday and my daughter's birthday party on Sunday. But, I feel so energetic and positive right now that I really don't think I'll falter.  See you next week. -Andrea

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PostHeaderIcon A Weight Loss Tale

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Andrea is off this week. In case you missed it, here's where her weight loss journey began.


A 40-year-old mom from Alameda named Andrea has agreed to write about her weight loss journey for All News No Blues.  Last Thursday, Andrea returned to her old stomping grounds, the Weight Watchers center on Webster Street in Alameda to get started on shedding the 50 pounds she has gained over the last several years.  She will post updates and pictures following her weekly weigh-ins on Thursdays and readers can follow her progress as she drops the pounds.  She'll talk about how she is doing, what she's eating to lose weight, how the Weight Watchers point system works and let readers in on the ups and downs of getting back into exercising.

Here is Andrea's first report along with a "before" picture.

Although I dreaded returning to Weight Watchers and having to come to terms with significant weight gain, I'm excited about being back "on the program."  Tracking my points and making better food choices are the overall goal, as well as exercising more.  Weight loss has always been a strength of mine. But unfortunately, I have always had a knack for gaining weight too.  My current weight is the highest it's ever been (including two pregnancies) and it has become impossible to ignore. 

There are so few items left in my wardrobe that fit. I have had to buy stretchy tops and bottoms because that is all I am comfortable wearing these days.  Eighty percent of my closet is stocked with attractive, fashionable and pricey clothes that are not even close to fitting me.  I miss those skirts and blouses, pants and dresses and long to wear them again. 

Unworn clothing is just one unfortunate outcome of gaining weight. The other is that I've been avoiding being photographed because I'm quite unhappy with my image.  Almost all of our family photos from the last two years have been taken by me so I don't have to be in them.  Recently, I saw some photos taken at a small dinner party I attended and for a few seconds I wondered, "who is that fat woman?  I don't remember meeting her at the party."  Sadly, it was me.  I have always been a person who is quick to "cheese it up" for pictures, and now I duck when I see a camera.  I hate to think of my kids, now 2 1/2 and 6, looking back on these years of their childhood and not finding a single picture of mom.

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