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PostHeaderIcon Weight Loss Tale

PostHeaderIcon Andrea's Weight Loss Tale - Week Six

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Whew - what a relief.  I just weighed in and lost 2 pounds for a total of 16.6 in six weeks. 

I am excited, I really am, but I also know myself and my history with WW. This week I reviewed a couple of my past WW membership books and realized that in years past I have given up around the 17 pound mark. I'm not sure why. It is certainly not because I think I'm done. I quit even though I know how hard it is to get back on the program. According to my membership books my weight goes up and down for several weeks and then I give up completely and stop going to the weekly meetings and weighing in. I remember feeling so frustrated that I couldn't sustain my momentum. While I don't feel the same this time I know that anything worth having requires effort and diligence. Being trim and healthy is no exception.  While I'm pleased with the weight that I've lost and that I'm running and working out again, I feel a certain nervous happiness. What if something happens and I lose my "mojo"?       

With the exception of Thanksgiving day, I haven't been tracking my points these past few weeks. I've been making mental notes here and there, adding items in my head, and guessing at points values. Rather than wait until the guesswork fails, as it always does, I'm making a commitment to track points and activity this week in a more "official" way - using my WW app and eTools (WW online) so I won't feel anxious heading in to next week's weigh-in. -Andrea

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PostHeaderIcon Andrea's Weight Loss Tale - Week Five

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I’m happy to report that I lost 3.2 pounds this week which makes my total 14.6 lost over the last five weeks.

I am especially pleased because I weighed in the morning after Thanksgiving which for me means having a loss for the week despite participating in a traditional feast at my mom’s house. 

After five weeks of being on the Weight Watchers program, I have really started to trust myself to make good choices. That helps me to know that whatever comes my way, I will be able to stay on the program and succeed. I will have to come back and read this post if I ever feel that confidence waning. Leading up to Thanksgiving Day, I planned thoroughly, reviewing
each and every scenario and contemplating what might tempt me. I knew when I woke up on Thursday I was going to be in complete control.

On the Weight Watchers program, I am allotted a total of 27 points per day. I started with breakfast of a serving of oatmeal (2 points) with 1 T of brown sugar (1 point), and 1 T of chopped walnuts (1.5 points). I needed this fuel for the Walnut Creek Turkey Trot, a 3.1 mile race that was taking place at 8:00 that morning. Though I’ve only started running again in the last month, I was able to complete the 5K with only a few rest breaks in about 40 minutes.

After the run, I was hungry but busy making pies and a side dish so I didn’t have enough time to make myself a meal.  I did nibble on about an ounce of grilled chicken (1 point) that I had on hand, which managed to keep my hunger at bay until we arrived at my mom’s house.  When the meal was served at 3 p.m., I was officially hungry. 

Because I get 27 points per day and had used 4 ½ for breakfast I had 22 ½ points to use for the Thanksgiving meal.  I ate the following:

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PostHeaderIcon A Weight Loss Tale - Week Four

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I just returned from my weekly Weight Watchers meeting where I weighed in and lost 1.4 pounds for a total of 11.4. I thought the number might be a bit higher but overall, not a bad week. This week I squeezed in that second run/walk workout and made good choices while eating out. Last Friday night some friends asked us to join them after work for Mexican food. Normally, we would say yes and I would overeat, scarfing my weight in tortilla chips, refried beans and fluffy Mexican rice. Then if I was participating in WW, I would spend the next few days hungry and frantically working out just to make up for this overindulgence. I may have been able to eek out a small loss for the week.  Most times, I would gain. Or I would just scrap the entire week, and suffer the consequences at the weigh in. Thankfully, that was not the outcome this time. I ordered fish tacos with black beans instead of refried. The tacos were delicious, featuring baked fish instead of the batter-dipped variety. In addition to the beans, the meal came with a modest portion of rice which I ate with relish because it was within my daily points total and, well, I was hungry! I had two margaritas, too! I count this as a small victory because I proved that I can still eat out without falling into a tailspin of overeating.  

You may be wondering what my plan is for Thanksgiving.  My WW leader really helped answer that question today by offering meeting attendees some healthy choices for the upcoming Thanksgiving meal and some substitutions for traditional calorie-laden fare. I plan to trade mashed potatoes for sweet potatoes, which are lower in calories and higher in fiber (minus the brown sugar and butter). Green bean casserole is loaded with fat and calories, but I can easily substitute a larger portion of steamed green beans. I'll bring along my handy I Can't Believe It's Not Butter spray and discreetly create a lighter side dish. Actually, my kids favor steamed veggies over sauced so I'll use them as my excuse. Turkey is a naturally lean meat, so as long as I don't load up, I can eat a generous, skinless portion. I will also drink some wine, but again, if it's in moderation (2-3 glasses over the course of the day) everything will be fine.  A friend and I signed up for the Walnut Creek Turkey Trot 5k taking place on Thanksgiving morning. That will allow me to support my healthy eating with activity. 

Although my WW center is closed on Thanksgiving, I have committed to attending the Friday morning meeting at my location, so I can weigh in and share my results. - Andrea

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PostHeaderIcon A Weight Loss Tale - Week Three

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I lost 2.4 pounds this week for a total of 10 pounds.  Over the past three weeks, I feel like I have established some healthy habits and cut out some unhealthy ones.  One bad habit I had was visiting a co-worker's candy jar and taking a generous handful of Hershey's Kisses every afternoon. Almost like clockwork, I would finish my lunch and wander over there for "dessert." I haven't done that since I joined Weight Watchers. I don't want to use my daily points eating chocolate but more importantly, I don't like the effect eating all that sugar has on me physically. When I do load up on sugar, I find that I can't focus very well and I want to take a nap at about 3:00 p.m. Eschewing sugar has also helped me bypass the Halloween candy that my kids collected. I still haven't eaten a piece and don't feel deprived.

Finding time to excersize is a continuing challenge. While my lifestyle is generally active, I really need to get outside to walk and run more. I incorporated my kids into one outing this week, a brisk walk around the Lafayette Reservoir. I even brought the double stroller in case they couldn't keep up. Pushing 90 pounds of kid up and down the hills was a great workout we all enjoyed. I also ventured out into the cold dark morning to run/walk. I need to do that morning workout more often.

When I went to Napa on Saturday I found it relatively easy to stick with the WW program. I did drink about 5 glasses of wine over the coarse of the afternoon, but I counted them carefully. At dinner I ordered a roasted chicken and substituted broccoli for the mashed potatoes. I also asked for "no sauce" on the dish. When it arrived I was so pleased that it looked and tasted delicious. I also didn't feel like I stood out because of my food choices. I told a couple of the girls I went to Napa with that I was a Weight Watchers member and received nothing but support from them. What a relief.   

So why don't I look any thinner, I ask myself. There's no good answer for that, but I hope to see more noticeable results in the next few weeks. My clothes seem to fit better but I haven't ventured into my closet yet. I don't want to be disappointed if I try something on and it doesn't fit.  I'll just stick with the clothes I have been wearing and keep on the program. The numbers don't lie, afterall. 

See you next week. - Andrea

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Last Updated (Tuesday, 24 November 2009 02:07)


PostHeaderIcon A Weight Loss Tale - Week Two

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I lost 1.2 pounds at my second weigh-in last Thursday for a total of 7.6 total pounds lost.  Yes, it's quite a bit less than the first week but I'm pleased with the progress. I'm finding that a big challenge is being very busy over the weekends, becoming worried that I need to eat, wondering what to eat and letting myself reach the "very hungry" point. Those times spell disaster for me. I have over the last week encountered food choices that were difficult to track (a buffet, a creamy dip, birthday cake) and because my resistance was down because I was hungry, I ate without making a mental note, iPhone note, or written note. I tried to piece together the items I ate but found it difficult.

Another challenge is getting out of bed to exercise in the morning, which is the only time my schedule allows me to exercise. I know the first step is the hardest and I always feel great during and after my workouts, but leaving a warm bed to go outside where it's cold and dark, is hard. I'm committed to working out three times in the next week and nothing is going to get in my way.  I've also decided that when dining out, I need to make my special requests known to the wait staff.  I'm not sure why I shy away from requesting things like steamed fish versus fried or swapping veggies for pasta, as restaurants are always very accommodating. Limiting the amount of wine I drink can be a challenge too. But I know the point value of a glass of wine and am careful about logging that wine into my daily points. - Andrea


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