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PostHeaderIcon Weight Loss Tale

PostHeaderIcon Andrea's Weight Loss Journey--Week 22

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This past week I lost .2 pounds for a total of 37.8 in 22 weeks. Again, I thought it would be more and yes, I'm a little discouraged.  Why isn't it more? Why am I not losing two plus pounds every week like I used to?  Well, I asked my Weight Watcher's leader that very question. 

Here's how the conversation went:

ME:  Why am I not losing weight like I used to?

WWL: Are you tracking? (writing down what I eat everyday and the point values to the foods)

ME:  (proudly) I tracked three days this week.

WWL:  (disappointed) There is no way to answer your question until you track everyday.
It could be a plateau, or too much sugar, or too much alcohol. But we won't know until you track every day. When you do that, we will look at what you are eating and tweak it a bit to get better results.

ME:  (sheepishly) OK, I'll track everyday.

But first, you might be asking “what’s the big whoop?”  Why do I dislike tracking points?  The main reason is that it requires that I pause before a meal to plan it out. I know why the WW program recommends it - because that added accountability will hopefully stop someone from overeating or eating things that were not planned.  It makes good sense.  And I know it works. 

Well, guess what, I'm back to tracking every single bite of food I put in my mouth this week. When something I eat doesn't have a points value, I'm going to look it up on my phone and make my best guess.  My WW leader is right. You can't analyze a situation without knowing all the facts.

On the photo front, I did have my picture taken at the meeting. I know I look the same.  Point two pounds doesn't make much of a difference, I'm afraid.--AV

I'll see you next week.

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PostHeaderIcon Andrea's Weight Loss Journey--Week 21

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This week I got so busy at work and with other commitments that I missed my regular Weight Watchers meeting. I figured I would attend another meeting later in the week, but a scheduling snafu forced me to miss that one too. I weighed myself at home and saw the same number on the scale--the same as the week before.  UGH. 

Could it be that I have hit a weight loss plateau?  Or maybe it is simply a matter of my home scale being less than accurate.  If I am experiencing a weight loss plateau, it makes me nervous.  I am keenly aware of what has happened in the past when faced with a scale that won't budge.  I give up, revert back to old habits, stop working out, gain back the weight I've lost plus more. 

I have also been baking a lot lately, delivering dozens of cupcakes to friends and co-workers for various occasions. While I tend not to snack on what I bake, I do need to sample various frostings and baked goods to make sure they taste OK.  I try to think of this as quality control but now I wonder: is even the smallest amount of sugar sabotaging my weight loss? 

Perhaps those tastes have added up. My need to bake will not be an issue this week and for the next several weeks as I haven't promised any more cupcakes.    

In order to secure my seat on the weight loss train I also looked at my schedule this week. 

The next 4 days are blissfully empty. There are no work events in the evening or personal commitments to tend to. That means that I can concentrate on what I am eating, get my workouts in and definitely attend my regular weekly meeting.  If this is a plateau, I'm determined to break through it. --AV

Last Updated (Thursday, 04 November 2010 19:06)


PostHeaderIcon Andrea's Weight Loss Journey-Week 20

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This past week I lost .4 pounds. That’s point four in case you are wondering whether that’s a decimal point or a speck of dust on your monitor. That’s a wee amount to lose, but actually, I feel OK about it. I know that I will have some big loss weeks and some weeks where it's slow going. This was one of those slower weeks even though I worked out three times. Grrr.

So, I wanted to update everyone on my wardrobe and how things are fitting now that I’ve lost almost 40 pounds. I now have about ten times as many options for getting dressed and I am much less stressed in the mornings. Four months ago, not only could I not find anything to wear, I was so bummed about how everything looked on me. I really tried to only look in the mirror once in the mornings, and briefly, lest I get upset with what I saw.

For instance, I have all these cardigan sweaters that before I would only button the top button.  Anything more would create gaps down the front of the sweater forcing me to tug and adjust it all day.  Now, when I wear them, they look like they are supposed to look, with every last button buttoned. It makes for a more polished and professional look. I am also able to fit into a lot more of my pants these day.

At my highest weight, 20 weeks ago, I had just one pair of "non-stretchy" pants that fit me. I can’t wear them now because they are way too big, but I’m saving them to show my Weight Watchers group when I reach lifetime status, which is when you have met your weight-loss goal. I have also retired several other stretchy items because they just make me sad when I see them.

About 50 percent of the clothes in my well-stocked closet fit me now. That percentage will grow as I shrink in these upcoming weeks. The bag of "too big" clothes will also continue to grow and then be donated to charity. Ultimately, I will need to buy some new things, but I am waiting until I am closer to my goal. I have been very cautious about shopping as I don’t want to buy anything that will only be wearable for a short time.

Lastly, I found one of my old Weight Watcher's membership books from 2007. I joined when I was on maternity leave with my son, who is now 3. Looking at the numbers, I have about 20 pounds to go to be at the weight I was when I returned to work from having him. Now I’m re-losing all that baby-weight from 2007. Sigh. --AV

See you next week.

Last Updated (Wednesday, 31 March 2010 00:23)


PostHeaderIcon Andrea's on Vacation/Wine helps Weight

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Andrea is on vacation this week.
She'll be back next week with more tales from her weight loss journey---nearly 40 pounds lost in 19 weeks.

In the meantime, check out this good news story from Time Magazine about alcohol and weight. You'll probably like what you read. Here it is:

For anyone trying to lose weight, one of the first indulgences to get cut from their diet is alcohol. After all, alcohol packs 7 kcal/g — a good-size glass of wine packs more than 150 calories — an extravagance that could stymie efforts to slim down.

But maybe it's time to put that wine glass back on the table. New findings from researchers at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston reveal that women who drink moderately are less likely to gain weight over time than those who don't.

Before you start stocking your kitchen with vodka instead of vegetables, however, experts caution that the relationship between alcohol and weight may not be that simple.

(See 10 myths about dieting.)

Read more: http://www.time.com/time/health/article/0,8599,1970612,00.html?xid=rss-health&utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+time%2Fscienceandhealth+%28TIME%3A+Top+Science+and+Health+Stories%29#ixzz0heyJlzNT

Last Updated (Tuesday, 16 March 2010 02:22)


PostHeaderIcon Andrea's Weight Loss Journey-Week 18

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This week, my weight stayed exactly the same. I am down 36.1 pounds since starting the Weight Watchers program more than four months ago. When I went to my meeting this past week, I walked in confidentally, expecting a two-pound loss. I got all my workouts in during the week, even running 6 miles one day. When the scale revealed my same weight, I was disappointed. What went wrong? I didn't track my Weight Watchers points. I ate things without checking the points first.

For instance, one day at work I felt like having a sweet snack and bought a bag of black licorice pieces. I dove into the bag without even reviewing the nutrition facts on the package. I thought, well, it's fat free and not too sweet, must be OK. Wrong. I think I ate between 6 and 8 pieces but I'm not sure because I didn't count. I checked the bag a few days later and found that each piece was one point. Those 6 or 8 points would usually be an entire meal for me.

Lately I feel like I've become too reliant on my home scale. Sometimes I weigh myself twice a day or more, just as a check in. My scale is becoming my points tracker. My meeting leader doesn’t recommend weighing between meetings because of this. I should be concentrating on tracking what I’m eating, assigning points, staying within my allotment and not what the scale says.

This week, I’m going to try to track my 23 daily points better and stop weighing myself at home. I think this will help avoid the surprises at the scale.This week there was another tasty surprise at the WW meeting. A fellow member made the delicious Hot Fiesta Dip from Weight Watchers Weekly newsletter. A quarter cup serving of the dip, which is corn, spices and cheese, is just one point and a serving of baked tortilla chips is just 2 points. This makes a perfect, guilt-free snack. Goodbye black licorice. --AV

Last Updated (Tuesday, 02 March 2010 05:45)

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