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PostHeaderIcon Weight Loss Tale

PostHeaderIcon Weight Loss is a Journey

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I have missed a couple of Weight Watchers meetings and am still trying to get back down to my milestone 50-pound weight loss.  I lost weight at the last two WW meetings I attended but I am still not at the 50-pound mark.  I have two pounds to go to re-reach that goal.  I’m looking at the weight loss as a lifelong project and am trying to stop making weekly weight loss goals for myself.


Although I have made goals in the past and achieved them, I find that lately I haven’t been and it really discourages me. Perhaps my goals have been too ambitious. Or perhaps I haven’t been staying on track and the failing at my weekly goals are just a byproduct of that. In any case, I’m going to see how I do without these weekly weight loss goals. My WW leader thinks it might be better if I just focus on losing rather than anything more specific.

The good news is that I am about to reach my one-year WW anniversary on Oct. 23 and one year  later I am feeling so much better about myself than I was last October.

I know I will reach lifetime status by getting back to the 50-pounds lost mark and then going on to lose an additional 32 pounds at some point.  I just don’t know when that will be.  For the next week I would like to establish a better pattern of eating within my daily points range and getting regular exercise. Using the paper tracker is a commitment I need to make that I know will yield results.

While not working 40 plus hours a week, might make you think I have plenty of extra time on my hands to exercise and plan healthy meals, I often wonder where the time goes. I just need to make this weight loss a priority, ahead of the house projects and other tasks that have been taking up so much of my time.--AV

See you in two weeks.


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PostHeaderIcon Weight Loss is Never Easy

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After missing three weekly Weight Watchers meetings I suffered the consequences at a recent weigh in, gaining 3.8 pounds.  Of course, I was discouraged but not surprised at the gain.  I know from past experience that skipping a meeting due to fear of gaining is a flawed approach to losing weight.  It always results in a larger gain than what I would have had if I had just attended.  I didn’t have valid reasons for missing those meetings.  It was simply due to enjoying the freedom to eat and avoiding owning up to my food issues.  My Weight Watchers leader calls that succumbing to the “inner child."  I call it, “I want what I want when I want it.”  It’s very similar to my kid’s behavior when they want a treat but haven’t done anything to earn it.  Oh, the parallels!

The WW program is unique in that it doesn’t suggest members deprive themselves of the things they love as long as those favorite foods are eaten within the bounds of a member’s daily points allotment.  Fortunately, my current “bad” behavior is not as bad as my “bad” used to be.  I didn’t fly completely off the rails and revert back to my old ways.   Honestly, I don’t think I could eat the amounts of food today that I did when I first joined the program.  Happily, it takes a lot less food to satisfy me.  But many times over these last weeks, I ate beyond the point of satisfaction.  

Having been to two consecutive meetings since my three-week absence, I know that is where I belong and I really shouldn’t miss a single one without a good reason.   

I will report back in two weeks.- AV

Last Updated (Tuesday, 21 September 2010 22:18)


PostHeaderIcon Andrea Hits the 50-pound Loss Mark

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Allnewsnoblues.com has been pleased to follow Andrea's journey and applaud her success in reaching the 50-pound mark.  Congratulations Andrea!! 

This week, I lost one pound for a total of 50.2 pounds lost.  A major goal has been achieved.  I started this program on Ocotber 23, 2009, which means I have been chipping away at a huge amount of weight for 39 weeks.


I checked my Weight Watchers book to see when I first hit the 40-pound mark and it was April 1.  I can't believe it has taken me 4 months to lose the 10 pounds.  It has not been easy to lose these last 10.

I gained 6 pounds on vacation in the spring and spent two months losing it.  I have learned a lot along the way and have conquered a lot of bad eating habits.

Today, I feel good about my smaller body. I still have about 32 pounds to go to reach my ultimate goal but I am healthier and stronger and thinner than I have been in a long time.

Although these last 4 months have been slow, I have lost an average of 1.2 pounds a week.

A "before" picture was taken last summer at a fitness boot camp I was in shortly before my Fortieth birthday.  I wanted t lose 10 pounds before my birthday last July.

When the boot camp instructor told us there would be a photographer at one of our classes I was scared.  Being photographed in spandex terrified me, but I couldn't avoid it.

When the photo album was  sent around the group, I was moritified.  Of course, everyone has seen photos of themselves that are embarassing or unflattering.  But, I looked 8 months pregnant.  It was shocking how fat I had become.

Unfortunately, I finished the 6 week program at exactly the same weight as when I started the camp.  I tried to be upbeat, not dwell on it and enjoy the birthday that was taking place the next day, but I wasn't happy inside.

The situation got worse after that when I had to look at my birthay photos.  I somehow had managed to find a lovely flowered blouse at one of my favorite stores, Anthropolgie, but my GAP pants in size 16 barely buttoned.

I was uncomfortable all day and just wanted to go home and change into sweats.  It wasn't until late October that I decided to join Weight Watchers and got this problem under control.

I had gained another 7 pounds between the time that boot camp ended and the day I returned to WW.  But with 50 pounds gone now, I am well on my way to my goal weight.

Thanks for reading my story.  Wish me luck with the last 32 pounds.  --AV


Last Updated (Saturday, 14 August 2010 05:35)


PostHeaderIcon Andrea Just Shy of 50-Pound Mark

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Last week, I lost .6 pounds for a total of 49.2 pounds over the last 38 weeks. Yes, I know, I said I would hit the 50-pound mark two weeks ago and it still hasn't happened. That's what I deserve for shooting my mouth off, I guess.  Fifty pounds is not my ultimate goal, but it is something I am looking forward to achieving.  This delay in reaching the 50-pound mark proves that weight loss is not easy and having too much confidence is frequently my downfall. 

The past two weeks have been challenging in ways that don't relate to weight loss.  My personal and professional life have been stressful with lots of changes coming my way.  Processing that stress is hard. Truthfully, I've had a difficult time with it.  Luckily, it hasn't resulted in me going on a sugar binge like I used to.  I just never think of food anymore in times of stress.  Also, the sugar cravings are under control.  I can have a 100 calorie fudge-sickle from time to time and it doesn't lead to other sweet treats. Sometimes  I plan to have dessert after a meal and forget to eat it - can you imagine?  
One big change I have noticed is that I'm really OK with my weight-loss progress and know that I will reach my goal eventually.  Coming to this realization has helped me so much.  Gaining a small amount of weight, or skipping a Weight Watchers meeting weigh-in occassionally is something that I allow to happen.  I never used to be OK with that. 

In the past if I had a gain, I would really beat myself up over it, and eventually quit WW out of frustration.  I am much more in control of my food consumption than I ever had been.  Thinking over this last week, in fact, I don't recall overeating once.  I didn't track my alloted points everyday, but I didn't have any cringe worthy moments when I said, "UGH - why did I eat that?"  That is such a good feeling.  Maybe next week will be the big 5-0.  But if not, I'm OK with that too. 
When I do hit the 50 pound mark, there will a very special "before" photo you won't want to miss.  Tune in.  --AV

Last Updated (Tuesday, 03 August 2010 17:19)


PostHeaderIcon Portion Size Matters

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Last week, I lost 1.8 pounds for a total of 47.6 over the last nine months.
I am closing in on the 50-pound mark, which makes me deliriously happy.  My weigh-in day this week is on my mom's birthday and she told me that the best present I could give her is to reach 50 pounds on her birthday.  My mom never criticized or judged when I weighed 50 additional pounds and it's nice to have such a great, unconditional supporter.
In a recent WW meeting we talked a lot about portion control.  The meeting leader reviewed many WW tips for determining how much to eat when you don't have a scale handy or a food item isn't packaged with a nutritional analysis.  For instance, a 3 oz. standard chicken breast is about the size of a deck of cards, an ounce of cheese is about the size of your thumb, a cup of rice is about the size of a tennis ball, and a standard bagel is about the size of a CD.  Those comparisons are really helpful when it comes to dining out or eating at other people's homes, two places where I tend to overeat.  When I have relied on guessing the number of points in the past, I was usually way off, resulting in bad surprises on the scale. 
Lately, I have noticed a lot more space on my plate after I have served myself.  All the counting of points, weighing and measuring of food and helped me realize what a portion is.  Piles of food on my plate just doesn't look right to me anymore.  That's great progress for me.
Also, I have noticed lately that I no longer continue to eat after the meal is over.  In the past, my signature move at a dinner party is lingering at the table and "picking" at the remaining food, while my guests and I are chatting.  Everyone else is digesting, while I am still eating.  Just think of the points I added to my daily total in this process.  We had friends over recently and I just stopped eating like everyone else.  I wasn't even aware of this breakthrough until the next day when I was mentally tallying points from the night before. 
Clothing-wise, I can fit into 90 percent of the clothes in my closet.  There are a maybe five pairs of pants that don’t’ fit.  A couple of little black dresses are also out of range.  There is a darling rain coat way in the back of my closet that has never fit (too tight across the shoulders), not even on the day I bought it.  I'm probably another 20 pounds away yet, but that’s OK because the rains are still a ways off. I could fit in the coat by fall.   Check back next week to see if I hit the 50 pound mark. ---AV

Last Updated (Monday, 04 October 2010 18:55)

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