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PostHeaderIcon Do taste test, get free Starbucks coffee

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Starbucks is giving away free coffee through Monday. And the best part about it --- there's no catch and no lines.

OK, maybe there is a small catch. Starbucks is pushing its new VIA Ready Brew.  Yes, it's instant coffee, but you can have it in a meeting, at the game, on red-eye flight on a business trip, their advertisement says. You can mix it with hot or cold water, hot or cold milk or put it over ice.

So, I headed to the Starbucks near Blackhawk plaza to do my taste test. The barista gave me two Espresso-sized coffee cups with a splash of black brew in each. I sipped the first one and then the second. I made my guess. Wrong. But I still got a coupon for a free, tall brewed coffee on my next visit.

I'm not good with failure and wanted to try again so I headed to the Starbucks in downtown Danville. This time I nailed it and the barista gave me my free, tall brewed coffee on the spot. Starbucks is doing the taste tests through Monday, Oct. 5 at participating stores.

And no one says you can't visit more than one Starbucks in one day. Have fun

UPDATE: Just found out from a reader that Starbucks is also encouraging customers to buy boxes of their new instant coffee for $3 to send ot the troops along with a personal message. -- KB

Last Updated (Friday, 09 October 2009 18:48)


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