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PostHeaderIcon Feminist:Stories from Women's Lib Movement Tuesday

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A pivotal chapter of American history will come alive Tuesday, Oct. 14  through a free  screening of the documentary film, Feminist:  Stories from Women’s Liberation.  The 7 p.m. presentation at the Village Theatre in Danville is a one-hour film showcasing the events of the Women’s Liberation movement during the years of 1963 – 1970.

As told by the men and women who experienced the time period personally, the film explores the significance of a second wave of the women’s liberation movement.

Released in 2013, Director Jennifer Lee began shooting interviews for the film in 2004.  Her work has been shown in film festivals, on college campuses, for non-profit organizations, in middle schools and has appeared globally.

Her film has been entered as a part of the National Center for History in the Schools and won “The Best of the Fest” for a documentary at the Los Angeles Women’s International Film Festival.

Director Lee, selected feminist accounts from an era at the peak of the 20th Century women’s movement, which forged a path into “every corner of our lives.  It transformed our country”, she admits.

Her rationale for making the film streamed from inconsistencies and missing memories in the information related to the women’s liberation movement.  Having always considered herself a feminist and displaying talent in working in the film industry, Lee is not a novice at making meaningful documentaries on her own.  As a filmmaker, writer and speaker, Jennifer Lee screens her film nationally and speaks on the women’s liberation movement and independent filmmaking, regarding this film as appropriate for adults and students from middle school through college level. Speaking engagements have taken her as far as the International Islamic University in Islamabad, Pakistan.

Her life was woven into a colorful tapestry of cultural experiences from her early years on Staten Island, New York in the 60’s and 70’s to later residing in a Quaker Meeting House in Atlanta, where the neighborhood teemed with filmmakers, actors, gay activists, political activists, feminists and a blend of the counter culture of the time. She performed in a dance theater company and volunteered at a feminist book store in her youth.

When she moved to the San Francisco area after graduation from college, Lee became a film compositor, working on many feature films of notoriety.   The lure of Los Angeles and hopes of Hollywood paved the way to Warner Bros. and an extension of career experiences.

Her technique used in the filmmaking of Feminist incorporated reports and photos of many of the feminists who were vitally instrumental in making the movement happen. Lee reveals that “One woman’s story led to another.”  She traveled the country and realized how far-reaching the movement’s impact, initiated by individuals, not leaders, had spread across the United States.

Not all events and names of principle feminists are well-known, however, the documentary is a defining history of the efforts of “a relatively small group of women who gave voice to the feelings of millions of women.  They are a vital part of American History and they deserve to be remembered.”

Director Jennifer Lee will be present and interactive with the audience for questions and answers directly following the screening.

The Village Theatre is located at 420 Front Street in Danville.  For further information contact:  www.danville.ca.gov or 925.314-3400 -- KRB


Karen Balch is a retired R.N., freelance writer and regular contributor to allnewsnoblues.com.

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