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PostHeaderIcon A Good Habit: Nuns on the Bus

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An online campaign is underway to raise funds for an independent documentary film about Sister Simone Campbell and a group of Roman Catholic nuns, who toured the country in 2012.

Award-winning filmmaker from SUNDANCE Productions, Melissa Regan, reports filming the “troublemaking nuns for two years, since the first day of their bus tours.”  Passionate and inspiring in their quest to generate interactive dialogue and dynamic involvement in  areas of inequity in our society, the concerns of the Sisterhood are relative to poverty, healthcare, immigration reform and overall “democracy that truly serves ‘we the people’.”

In her newly released book, A Nun on the Bus:  How all of us can create Hope, Change and Community, Sister Simone chronicles the 2700 mile trip across 9 states in 2 weeks, advocating for the true cry of the people and advancing a mission for economic justice.  Building upon the precept that change is the only constant in life, the nuns took up the cause to speak out for those who have been silenced.  With a starting point in Iowa, the heartland of solidarity that once defined our society’s ideals, “The people and their stories drove them onward”, admits Sister Simone.  Forming prayer groups, rallies and small town meetings, their outreach became a galvanizing strength for positive action.

So passionate in her commitment to share the American story of a fragmented nation with compartmentalized citizens, incongruent with our Constitution, Sister Simone became a presenter at the Democratic National Convention. Rallying support against budget cuts to strategic programs for the disadvantaged, her first-hand account delivered a powerful message. She is Executive Director of NETWORK, founded in 1972 by 47 nuns on a shoestring budget, with their work over 4 decades described as “toiling in the trenches of Capitol Hill”.  The 2- person Washington office operates to lobby for harmony between Federal policies and social justice.

Financial help is needed to finish and release the film in the amount of $50,000 by June 20th.  Over 150 persons have donated thus far, reaching an estimated 30% of funding goal, with timely update posts on Facebook and Twitter.  Proclaiming that no donation is too small and the goal direction is in the need to get all of us talking, Sister Simone’s agenda is calling for Pentagon reform.  Paramount is action, through “Faith, Family and Fairness” to shine the light on hard-working Americans, calling for budget cuts in the upper echelons.  Support for low-income earners, raising minimum wage and revising the income gap are urgent problems in our midst.

Donations are tax-deductible and enticing rewards are being offered, including DVD’s, a Sister Simone ringtone, your name in the film credits, dinner with Sister Simone and the filmmakers, and more.  Encouragement to spread the word to friends, family and networks is another way to “get on the bus” and help bring the goal to fruition. According to Director/Producer, Regan, “American politics is gridlocked, the wealth gap continues to grow, and our economic choices are held hostage by polarized debates about social safety nets vs. free-market rugged individualism.”  Called “radical feminists” by the Vatican, the movement spearheaded by Sister Simone and her entourage is bringing a joyful voice to the national debate of unresolved, overdue social concerns and the on-going rhetoric that derails true reform.

The wide-spread mission is that this project will “spark an urgently needed national conversation and tipping point for action and inspire people of any religion—or no religion at all—to take bold steps toward reclaiming our common values as a nation.”  Standing up for what we believe in and taking bold steps in aligning our values with our politics is well-deserved.

This poignant documentary film by Epiphany Productions is about courage, democracy, persistence, community, faith, laughter…and nuns in action.  For completion, 150 hours of footage editing is the next step, before release of this independent documentary film via television, internet, theaters and national community engagement campaigns.

Contact:  https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/nuns-on-the-bus-the-movie.


Karen Balch is a retired nurse, freelance writer, avid traveler, who earlier in life was schooled by nuns. She writes regularly for allnewsnoblues.com

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