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PostHeaderIcon Thrifty Finds at Savers

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We all know there are thrift stores and then there are thrift stores, with a wide variety of differences.  On a scale of keeping up with the values and the sensibility of shopping for gently used or repurposed items in a world of high tech, high definition and high end price tags, innovation and practicality of best value commerce makes sense and more cents!  In business for 60 years, originating with the San Francisco store,

SAVERS is the largest for-profit thrift chain, with 315 locations in the U.S., Canada and Australia.  Their slogan, “Good Deeds, Good Deals” is founded on the “Nifty-Thrifty” virtue that Ben Franklin espoused, and expresses their two-fold mission:  alliances with non-profit organizations and proceeds going directly to local community donation centers.

Operating like a swap station, the concept of interactive business takes on new meaning.  A donation center is located on site of the discount establishment, receiving clothing, household goods, books, toys, furnishings, bedding and more.  For each bundle of donations, a coupon for 20 percent off the next purchase is exchanged to the customer for use within the store, along with a tax receipt.

Each shopping day differs, with thousands of new discoveries daily. Fabulous finds range from collectibles, unexpected treasures, to wearing apparel varying from designer to vintage values.  Some portion of the inventory is comprised of tag-on, never used, new items.

Orange tagged items indicate a 50% discount, every Tuesday Seniors are given 20% off purchases and seasonal rewards and other incentives are promoted.  The “Thrift Cycle” of SAVERS defines a higher purpose with core values of “giving back and providing opportunities.”  When you donate and shop at SAVERS, you support local non-profits, and recycling benefits the planet, sparing landfills.

Upon entering the store, one cannot help but notice how clean, well-organized and easily defined the areas of merchandise can be recognized.  Observing a mature couple comment, while visualizing the expansive array before them, she could be heard saying “Oh my, we’re going to be here awhile.”  He responded with a resounding “OH, yeah!”  The convenience of shopping carts and roll-around baskets allow for gathering all the fabulous finds on your ultimate treasure hunt.

Locally, there are 7 stores within a 50 mile radius:  Berkeley, Dublin, Milpitas, Redwood City, Vacaville and 2 in San Jose.  In Dublin at 7117 Regional St., SAVERS is located in the former Mervyn’s building. Business hours are:  Daily 9 – 9, Sunday 10 – 7.  Phone:  925.551-0945.  The Dublin outlet partners with Epilepsy Foundation of America.

Founded on a mission of teamwork, the Bellevue, Washington based organization employs 20,000 workers, offering “a culture and a conscience” unique in the industry.  Worldwide, new emerging markets in struggling countries gain benefits from having a resource available to supply them with saleable merchandise. What doesn’t sell, of the highest quality goods, in the U.S. outlets is sent to developing nations around the globe, to offer in their marketplaces as affordable, useful items.  Last year’s sales yielded sufficient revenue to contribute $180 million to fund programs and services to 160 non-profit partners in the U.S., Canada and Australia.--KRB

Karen Balch is a retired nurse, freelance writer and thrifty shopper. She writes regularly for allnewsnoblues.com.

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