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PostHeaderIcon Dusty Paws Saves Four-Legged Friends

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An adorable black basenji dog mix was on the green grass amidst the busy activity at Lake Chabot on a recent Sunday evening. With a broad smile stretching across his face, the eager pooch was jumping up and down to catch everyone’s attention.

Charlie was found near Los Banos in Central California and is just one of the many animals that have been rescued by Dusty Paws, a non-profit organization that rescues cats and dogs and tries to find homes for the furry creatures.

Paulette Murillo, a Dusty Paws’ volunteer, explained how Charlie was found with a broken leg and is now awaiting surgery. However, it’ll be an expensive operation costing several thousand dollars and will require fundraising.

Dusty Paws has never said no to any expenses, whatever the circumstances.

“Dusty Paws was first founded in 2007 in Castro Valley and has saved 400 dogs and cats since,” said Murillo.

An all volunteer effort, Dusty Paws’ mission is to rescue strays and take in animals from often overcrowded shelters.

Six years after the organization was launched, the group has sheltered 70 dogs and eight cats.

The process to find and rescue these animals can vary, but it always involves the dedication of more than 20 volunteers in the organization. Some animals have been rescued from shelters days before they were scheduled to be put to sleep, while others are strays.

Not only do the volunteers actively take care of the animals, but they are also responsible for fundraising and adoption events. Bake sales and dog washes are just two of the ways Dusty Paws raises money for animals like Charlie. Dusty Paws also operates several adoption events a year, where people can come and meet the animals Dusty Paws strives to save.

Charlie was as sweet as affectionate as could be, even with a badly-set leg. He jumped on the table to give kisses, enjoyed romping around as much as possible, and desired a lot of love.

To find event dates or to support Dusty Paws, visit the group’s web site at www.dustypawsrescue.net.--- Lauren Jelks and Grace Moon


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