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"Contagious Optimism" is a bestselling and uplifting book series that contains inspirational stories from real people around the globe, along with insight from professionals.  The author, David Mezzapelle, is convinced that we all have the ability to spread optimism by sharing our own life experiences.  By virtue of including personal successes as well as those endeavors which did not play out well, but served as stepping stones to later positive outcomes, other people can benefit as the message of hope is conveyed.  Everyone can learn something about happiness and success from the lessons of  Mezzapelle.

His book contains advice, actions and insights from business leaders, visionaries, professionals and just plain folks.  James F. Mooney, chairman of the board of Virgin Media, Inc., endorses the concept as “it empowers, motivates and leads people to tremendous results.”

Aren’t the successes in life what kindle the fire within us and keep the blaze alive?  Whether it is a success in finding your own true love, succeeding in overcoming adversity or landing the job you have forever sought after, expert direction and wise counsel can be found within the pages of Contagious Optimism: Uplifting Stories and Motivational Advice for Positive Forward Thinking.

Maintaining focus on the mark, when hills and valleys present discouragement, might add a challenge to the equation, as we may well know.  Yet, a success validates that you have been on the right track, heading for your goal or expectation.   Mezzapelle “has taken the secret to a joyfully lived life and packaged it in a book” according to Will Glennon, author of Practice Random Acts of Kindness.  Created as a compendium of encouragement, "Contagious Optimism" is formatted with more than 100 stories and parables of inspiration to motivate a movement of pass-it-on hope and happiness from individuals, sharing personal insights, advice and guidance from all walks of life, worldwide.

The concept of clearing the mind of negative thinking and tuning in to the idea of positive forward thinking renews lost confidence in one’s-self, attests Mezzapelle, serial entrepreneur and founder of several well-known companies, such as Goliath Technology. A motivational  magnet, Mezzapelle has impacted the lives of many since his youth.  Always a “glass is completely full” advocate, he lays the foundation of the book’s pervasive positive theme:  “Lacking talent only means you have the ability to recognize what needs practice…patience, persistence and perseverance.”

As a college student, he served as an intern at IBM.  He later implemented a most innovative academic internship program at his Alma Mater, Fairfield University in Connecticut, leading students to success in being hired or advancing into graduate school.

A regular contributor to the Wall St. Journal, Mezzapelle is an invited guest on radio and TV presentations.   A portion of the sales proceeds will be donated to charity from his 272-page volume, Contagious Optimism, published on National Smile Power Day, June 15, 2013.

Throughout  the book, each chapter is a helpful advisory account on topics such as relationships, goals, health and fitness, business and careers, maturity and more, with a pertinent parable included.  References from notable individuals highlight the precept of optimism.  Winston Churchill is quoted as having said “The optimist finds opportunity in every difficulty, not difficulty in every opportunity." Wayne Gretzky of hockey fame relates “you miss 100% of the shots you never take,” a simple maxim for success.

Sometimes failure is the first step toward success.  When you think you’re failing at something, try reading a biography of one of your favorite figures in history.  You’ll find that their path to success was likely filled with bumps as well.  Walt Disney suffered bankruptcy repeatedly with several enterprises he attempted.  Not content with defeat, he recognized that he had not yet succeeded and persevered until he eventually built the amazing empire of Disneyland.

Serving in the volunteer arena offers a method to spread the forward thinking theory of Contagious by Example.  Investing skills and experience in a community cause or non-profit where compensation includes intangible rewards, reaps a bounty toward changing the world.

Books published by Viva Editions, Berkeley, CA, “are intended to inform, enlighten and entertain the reader, quality books for inspired living”.  For further information, contact  www.vivaeditions.com or www.lifecarrots.com.--KRB


Karen Balch is a retired nurse, freelance writer, avid travel and eternal optimist. She writes frequently for All News No Blues.

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