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Perhaps you have considered your assorted collection of notes, jotted down in a journal, on scraps of paper or in other various notebook forms, to be all you would ever do to preserve your most significant life memories.  You might think “What, me? actually gathering my thoughts and facts together into a written form chronicling my personal life experiences or family stories?  It is a plausible endeavor worth your confidence and, yes, worthy of publishing as a lasting document for posterity, generations to come.

There are, in fact, resources through Soleil Lifestory Network for the coaching services necessary to afford interested individuals aid in creating a memoir of which to be proud.  Details of editing and book production are all included in a free e-book by Denis Ledoux, with 25 years of memoir-writing skills, at www.turningmemories.com.

This accessible-on-line FAQ guidebook outlines the Ghostwriting Services available and elaborates on how a co-author or ghostwriter provides the technical skills and sensibility to help you realize your dream of preserving and sharing your life story in manuscript form.  The finished product will be your story, autobiography, and yours alone!

There are myriad obstacles which might detain a person from being a self-starter in composing the draft, initiating their written work.  Indeed, a first step complimentary half hour consultation helps sketch and craft your life story, as an architect employs your vision to create your dream house.  Loose bits of recall, scenes, dialogues and vignettes can be woven into a tapestry of vivid themes and meanings, creating a “text that fully expresses and embodies the life you wish to memorialize in your book”, reports Ledoux.

From its inception in 1988, Soleil Lifestory Network has been an advocate to thousands with a desire to document personal and family stories.  Not uncommon is concern that someone’s story is not worth preserving.  Overcoming this initial doubt and taking the preliminary steps offered as a motivational jump start, gives writers the confidence to get going!  A live interview and providing you with digital photos can be arranged with Denis Ledoux at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

The added benefits of putting your purpose to print might be the healing or developmental process for the writer.  Much can be learned, experienced or shared with others in the process of relating your life story or excerpts from family history.  Or the writing can be significant just for itself. The process of “letting go, opening up to share well-kept treasures of family history or little-known events of a by-gone era, can serve as a catharsis or cleansing for repressed emotions, evoking a sense of relief for both the writer and the reader.

Thinking the unspoken words and consigning a lasting text for family to read has intrinsic value.  Ledoux expresses “The worth of a memoir is [best] measured by the inherent value to the writer and to its selected audience.”  There is a unique quality about each and everyone’s life.  It could be that you were the first person to accomplish a certain success  in your community, organize a group or discover a simple remedy for removing impossible stains.

Giving it some thought, it is highly likely that we all can find a reason to write our own story that would be unique and different from anyone else’s.  As you embark upon the trip down memory lane, new avenues of exploration can be guided by the expert coaching at Soleil Lifestory Network at www.turningmemories.com or at 207-353-5454, 9-5 EST. --KRB

Karen Balch is a retired nurse, avid traveler and freelance writer. She is currently working on her memoir. Reach her at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .



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