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That looming…RESOLUTION.

Each new year, millions of us commit to some form of healthier living, whether it be an exercise program, weight loss or eating fewer sweets.

Sound familiar?

All good intentions aside, let’s be realistic. Do we really know what we want, and what exactly we are willing to sacrifice to keep our New Year's resolutions?

Many of us lose the battle of ditching our old habits year after year.

Why on earth would we think we might simply undo years of bad habits with one simple promise?

Gumsaba is here to help. We have womens, mens, co-ed and teen boot camps for a variety of fitness levels. You won't have to go it alone. We can help you reach your goals.

The first thing you must realize is that understanding the goal is the key to accomplishing it. If the goal is too big it may overshadow you.  The good intention of “running every day before dawn” might just become something we curse while hitting the snooze button each morning. If the goal is too broad, it’s all too easy to rationalize our “cheating” behavior. So where is the happy medium? What is the formula for success?

 Let’s get SMARTER.

Increase your success by paying attention to details of your life-changing commitment.

Make your goals Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time bound, Educated and Recorded. Spend some time on it, you only get one life, and so many years to live it.  

Start your journal and write your name, the date and your SMART goal on the first page. Then, write a short term goal each month as you go. A great first short-term goal is to commit to tracking your progress daily in your journal! Make sure you reward yourself when you achieve each of your goals. Get a massage, a pedicure, whatever it is, do something nice for yourself.

Get started on your goals by working back from what you want. What do you want to have accomplished on 1/1/2014? Why do you want to accomplish your goal? The reason has to be more powerful than any excuse you have along the way.

Here is an example of a SMART GOAL:
“I want to lose 1-2 pounds every month this year, and I am going to reward myself with a massage each month if I accomplish it. To make it happen, I will commit to 200-300 minutes of light to moderate exercise per week. I am willing to sacrifice 1 hour of TV 4-6 days per week for my exercise program!”

Now, it's time to declare your goal. Studies show that when we put it out there we are more likely to stick to it. State your goals to those you need support from, tell your family, friends and co-workers. Post it on Facebook. Tweet it out. Write it on your hand if you have to.

Any goals you set can and will be amended as you go, but stick to the SMARTER RULE stated above. Good luck and don't fear failure, just take your goal one day at a time and adjust accordingly.

At Gumsaba Boot Camp we help each other achieve our lifestyle goals with the support of a like-minded, healthy community. Gumsaba was voted best Boot Camp in the East Bay by Diablo Magazine readers in 2012; we welcome you to try a free week. Gumsaba offers womens, mens, co-ed and teen boot camps for a variety of fitness levels. We can help you find the joy in your health and fitness so it becomes a part of your life, for life.

Classes are outdoors, rain or shine (with cover), and held every day but Sunday in Danville, Alamo/Walnut Creek and Moraga. Contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or visit our website http://www.gumsaba.com to sign up for your free week! Use promo code NOBLUES for your free week.-- MB


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0 #1 Dangerously Fit 2013-02-11 06:50
Boot camps are created to uncover the capacity and strength you never knew you possessed. It can be difficult and intense. When joining a fitness camp, be sure that your overall wellness is checked and standard fitness tested before starting.

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