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They say writing a book is a solitary experience. Yet, throughout the long, slow process of writing my first novel, Keeper of the Scale, I never felt alone. I certainly wouldn’t have reached “the end” if it weren’t for all the encouragement I received along the way. It really does take a village.

"Keeper of the Scale" is a work of women’s contemporary fiction which revolves around three dynamic women (diet buddies) who unite to form a unique dieting support group, but end up learning more about each other—and themselves—than how to shed some pounds.

Writing the book gave me the opportunity to reflect about society’s obsession with body image, the importance of female friendships, and what it means to have a “buddy.” Personally, I was fortunate to have the support of my dedicated writing group, test readers, and early praise from publishing insiders, including veteran literary editor Chuck Adams and respected literary agent Joanna Pulcini.

Had it not been for such a great support team, I would have likely given up after my own agent was unable to find a home for the book, despite his best efforts. Though editors said they enjoyed reading the novel, they also reported that publishing was going through a major transition—much like the music industry did years before—resulting in new authors having little chance of breaking into the already crowded market of women’s contemporary fiction.

So, like so many authors nowadays, I went Indie and self-published my novel as an E-book on Amazon, which has allowed me to connect with readers directly. I’m so grateful for the growing opportunities today for writers to be able to get their books and messages into the hands of readers as self-published authors.

My hope is that "Keeper of the Scale" will continue to allow me to connect with readers from around the globe, as well as help generate meaningful discussion among women about the roles both body image and friendships play in our lives.  Because, as the book affirms, there is nothing like the age-old power of women uniting, bonding and helping one another. --DC


Debbie Cohen is an Oakland-based writer. This is her first story for Allnewsnoblues.com.

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0 #1 Sylvia 2012-12-11 03:01
This is by far one of the most hilarious books I have read in ages. Great story which will leave you thinking and thankful for the girlfriends in your life. Not only is it the best deal going for really good writing, it is a story you will enjoy sharing with your friends.

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