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PostHeaderIcon Novelist James Rahn at the Purrfumery

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Mark your calendar and save the date for a visit to Velvet & Sweet Pea’s Purrfumery to meet Philadelphia novelist James Rahn in the lush El Cerrito garden of Laurie Stern.

Rahn's new book, "Bloodnight" has recently hit the streets and the novelist will spend an afternoon at the Purrfumery, where he’ll read a few pages from his gritty past.

The June 30 event runs from 1-4 p.m with the reading at 2:15 p.m. Copies of "Bloodnight" will be available to purchase and the Purrfumery will also be open for business. Light refreshments will be served. The Purrfumery is at 727 Sea View Dr. in El Cerrito.

Overlooking the Golden Gate, the perfumer's garden features pink jasmine, spearmint, peppermint, lavender, honeysuckle, gardenia and many other aromatic plants that Stern uses to craft a unique line of perfumes, body frostings, floral waters, and  bath salts. She also uses beeswax from her own bees in her products.

But on the afternoon of June 30, it will be the place to listen to the street-wise story of growing up in a fictionalized Atlantic City circa 1970.

"Bloodnight" transports readers to a Jersey shore resort town that was a violent and volatile place. By 1970, tourists who once loved the town were traveling to newer, trendier places. As tourist dollars dwindled, the locals lost their jobs. They unleashed their frustration on their kids. Kids, in turn, punished each other. Growing up meant hustling, and learning to be tough.

"Bloodnight" is Rahn's first book. His stories and articles have appeared in numerous publications and he has taught fiction at the University of Pennsylvania for 15 years. He and Stern are old friends, she said.

In addition to writing his novel, Rahn also leads the Rittenhouse Writers’ Group in Philadelphia--a series of acclaimed fiction workshops. He founded the group in 1988. Since then more than 1,200 people have participated.  It's considered one of the longest-running independent fiction workshops in the nation. Many members have gone on to publish short stories, novels, and nonfiction books, and have received fellowships from places like the Pew Foundation, the Guggenheim Foundation, among other organizations

To learn more about Bloodnight and Rittenhouse Writers’ Group go to "http://rittenhousewritersgroup.com/" --GG  

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