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PostHeaderIcon Livermore Couple is Smoking the Competition with BBQ

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What do you do when you have an insatiable hunger to barbeque scrumptious food, but your family just can't eat another barbecued bite? You create a BBQ catering company so that others can get their fix of delectable meats in savory sauces and rubs. Then you go on to compete in BBQ competitions and win numerous awards. 

Dave and Deny Bart of Livermore, both East Bay natives, established Bart’s Blazin’ Q in 2006. Dave is the "pit master" and Deny is his right hand. “It came out of necessity,” says Deny. “Our 2 girls and I couldn’t take eating BBQ anymore.” But Dave kept on grillin’, so his solution was to give the food away to neighbors and co-workers. The food was a huge hit, but it was getting costly to just give away the food. Deny’s solution to allow Dave to get his continuous BBQ fix and not go bankrupt was to sell it….and hence Bart’s Blazin’ Q was born.

It was always Dave’s dream to own a BBQ trailer. “One day we were sitting in the backyard drinking some wine and talking” recalls Dave. “We actually designed our BBQ trailer on paper that day.  Then it was off to the local blacksmith to see what would happen.”  A few months later their custom BBQ trailer was ready to roll. They started booking catering gigs on the weekends all over the Bay Area through word-of-mouth about their incredible food and down-home warmth and hospitality.  (Keeping in mind that both Dave and Deny were still employed fulltime at the time, Dave as a police officer in Livermore – he just retired in October  – and Deny as an executive assistant for a home builder.)

Bart’s Blazin’ Q serves up mouth-watering food that is smoked over hardwoods for up to 18 hours. They serve a variety of side dishes too that are all made from scratch. “We specialize in everything but our pulled pork would have to be our real specialty” says Dave. “From the time we trim, inject, season, cook and pull, we are talking at least 18 hours from start to finish. That is what we call true BBQ. But our most requested item is our Santa Maria style tri-tip.” It’s also the building block for Dave’s very unique invention of “tri-tip chili”.

They were really enjoying catering, but consistently received compliments on how incredible their food was, and was encouraged to start entering in BBQ competitions. Dave created their BBQ sauce from scratch as well as their rubs.  They took the leap of faith and entered their first competition, and took first place in the brisket category. And the accolades didn’t stop there. They now regularly compete on the BBQ competition circuit throughout California and continue to win awards.

 “I think our best for BBQ competitions was winning grand champion at an event in Placerville out of 38 teams” says Deny. “We have placed in the top 10 in most competitions, and have been in the top 3, along with a few first place wins. Our biggest surprise was winning first place for our BBQ sauce at the USA BBQ Championship in Las Vegas in May 2011” adds Dave. “We went up against some of the biggest names across the country in BBQ (39 teams competed), and walked away with First Place. That was the sweetest win of all.”

So where does this couple go from here? To your local market of course! “All along, everyone has told us how much they love our BBQ sauce and asked where they can get it” mentions Deny. “Dave has been making his own sauce for years but once he got it into competitions, it developed in to what it is today” says Deny. After over a year of a very painstaking process, their award-winning BBQ sauce is now available at your local store. “It’s so exciting,” says Deny. “We have it in a couple of local stores (Green Leaf BBQ & First Street Wine Co. in Livermore, Eggs by the Bay in Santa Clara, and Judd’s Hill Winery in Napa) and are hoping to get it out there even more.”

All the awards and recognition are wonderful, but it’s really about sharing their home-made food and making people happy. They now have a “BBQ Family”. “The people are extremely friendly, they come from all walks of life, they have big hearts and they are there for the love of BBQ.” Cheers to that!

To learn more about Bart’s Blazin’ Q or contact Dave and Deny; their website is www.bartsblazinq.com. --JY

Julie Youngblood Perales has been recruiting top talent nationally for Fortune 500 companies for the last 10 years. She has been a senior recruiter for Toll Brothers Home Builders in San Ramon for the last 6 years and also enjoys individually coaching and advising people who are in a career transition and job search mode. Contact her through allnewsnoblues.com at tellusyournews@gmail.com  

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