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Finding a job in these challenging economic times is far different than it was even five years ago.

You have to utilize every possible avenue and likely do things you never had to do before. One of those things should include reaching out to recruiters.

Partnering with the right recruiters can be a very efficient way to successfully find both short and long-term job opportunities. The two best things about working with recruiters is that not only are their services FREE to you as the job seeker, but they have access to thousands of jobs that are never advertised.

Why are recruiter’s services free to the job seeker? Companies pay them to find the right employee for them, so job seekers reap the benefits! You may not know that the majority of jobs out there are NEVER ADVERTISED, so if you are relying on only surfing the job boards to see what’s posted and passing your resume along to your friends, you’re missing out on big opportunities.  It’s called the “Hidden Job Market” and recruiters are your direct link to it. 

They do the work for you. They’ll contact you about opportunities that are a fit for you, assist you with your resume if it needs some fine-tuning, present you to their companies/clients and coach you through the interview process.  They can be especially helpful if you are shy or introverted. Remember, they need to fill a position for their client so they want you to do well!

There are many different kinds of recruiters and recruiting agencies out there. You may hear them referred to as headhunters, executive recruiters, corporate recruiters, staffing specialists, temp agencies, etc.  Some are in-house employees of companies and only recruit for them (like myself, I’m a corporate recruiter for Toll Brothers) and others work for search firms and agencies specializing in a particular industry or field, and represent many companies. Linking up with the right recruiters that specialize in your profession or industry is important.

Help recruiters find you:
• Recruiters will come find YOU if you have a solid and complete profile on Linkedin including a professional looking picture (not your Facebook picture of you in a bar with a full glass of beer).  Linkedin is the world’s largest professional networking site.  It has completely changed the way companies recruit and hire and is used heavily by recruiters searching for candidates in every possible industry.  I use it on a daily basis and hire many people that way.
• Post your resume on the major job boards like Monster and Careerbuilder and make sure to refresh it every couple of days, otherwise it gets buried under thousands of other resumes that are uploaded every day and yours will never be seen. (Refreshing it frequently keeps it popping up at the top of their searches.)

To do your own search for recruiters:
• Ask all your friends, current/past work colleagues and networking contacts who they have worked with. 
• Contact your local EDD or Career Development Center and ask what recruiting and staffing resources they have access to.
• If you have a list of “target companies” you are interested in, call the main number for each company and ask the receptionist if they’d transfer you to the person responsible for hiring (could be a recruiter or HR contact) or ask who they use as their recruiting partners (agencies) so you can contact them to get in the door. 
• You can also do a search on Linkedin for recruiters of certain companies by typing in the company name and title of “recruiter” or similar title. 
• Make contact with recruiting agencies and firms in your area and make an appointment to come meet them in person. They represent many different companies with job opportunities that are not advertised.  Companies use them because they have the expertise and focus to find the right candidate and it saves them time and money. You can find them by doing google searches for your particular geography, industry, etc.

As a recruiter who has worked in all facets of the recruiting industry and placed thousands of people in jobs, recruiters are a very valuable resource to both companies and job seekers. Because recruiters are people like all of us, you may come across the good, the bad and the ugly.  The key is to find a few good recruiters who know their business and take the time to get to know you and your needs. Develop a good relationship with them and it could carry with it many rewards!-- JYP


Julie Youngblood-Perales has been recruiting top talent nationally for Fortune 500 companies for the last 10 years. She has been a senior recruiter for Toll Brothers Home Builders in San Ramon for the last 6 years and also enjoys individually coaching and advising people who are in a career transition and job search mode. Contact her through allnewsnoblues.com at tellusyournews@gmail.com

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