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PostHeaderIcon Virtual Blood Drive Pumps Up Nation's Supply

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The American Red Cross reminds us that blood can’t be manufactured. It can only be made – and donated – by humans. Every day, someone suffering from illness or injury needs blood. But currently, only 3 out of every 100 people in the United States regularly donate blood, according to American Red Cross statistics.

All types of blood are needed, and that need never goes away. In an effort to pump up the blood supply, TechProse, a Walnut Creek-based change-management consulting firm, kicked off its first Virtual Blood Drive in September, and invited thousands of people in its nationwide network to give blood, time or money at a blood center in their community.

Through October 31, people who tell TechProse about their donation at http://blood-drive.techprose.com will be entered into a drawing to win a Kindle and other cool gifts. Even if people try to give blood and are ineligible for any reason, they will be entered into the Virtual Blood Drive drawing.

"As we planned this virtual blood drive, we thought about the positive impact it could have on communities around the country," says Vic Passion, director of consulting services at TechProse. "Then, after the explosion in San Bruno, we realized how personal the blood drive is for Californians in our own backyard. We’re thankful for the donations that people in our network have already made and hope that our blood drive will make a significant impact."

So far, 10 people have participated in the Virtual Blood Drive. Every donation counts – and TechProse is hoping more people join the effort to help those in need. Passion recently gave blood at a local American Red Cross center; her co-worker Gina Gotsill came along and put a check in a handy donation envelope.

To participate in the virtual blood drive, start by visiting www.redcrossblood.org and use your zip code to find a center near you. Can’t find one? Try your local blood bank. TechProse will honor donations to these organizations as well. --GG

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