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PostHeaderIcon Weight Loss is Never Easy

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After missing three weekly Weight Watchers meetings I suffered the consequences at a recent weigh in, gaining 3.8 pounds.  Of course, I was discouraged but not surprised at the gain.  I know from past experience that skipping a meeting due to fear of gaining is a flawed approach to losing weight.  It always results in a larger gain than what I would have had if I had just attended.  I didn’t have valid reasons for missing those meetings.  It was simply due to enjoying the freedom to eat and avoiding owning up to my food issues.  My Weight Watchers leader calls that succumbing to the “inner child."  I call it, “I want what I want when I want it.”  It’s very similar to my kid’s behavior when they want a treat but haven’t done anything to earn it.  Oh, the parallels!

The WW program is unique in that it doesn’t suggest members deprive themselves of the things they love as long as those favorite foods are eaten within the bounds of a member’s daily points allotment.  Fortunately, my current “bad” behavior is not as bad as my “bad” used to be.  I didn’t fly completely off the rails and revert back to my old ways.   Honestly, I don’t think I could eat the amounts of food today that I did when I first joined the program.  Happily, it takes a lot less food to satisfy me.  But many times over these last weeks, I ate beyond the point of satisfaction.  

Having been to two consecutive meetings since my three-week absence, I know that is where I belong and I really shouldn’t miss a single one without a good reason.   

I will report back in two weeks.- AV

Last Updated (Tuesday, 21 September 2010 22:18)


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