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PostHeaderIcon 5 Easy Ways to Beautify Your Clutter

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Who has time to keep the house clean and organized day in and day out? If you're human, chances are you've got some clutter bringing you down. Not to worry, here are five simple, attractive options to help you get organized:

• Got an overflowing basket of cards, bills, and photos that you'd like to post where you can actually see them? Try this simple and low-cost project on a rainy day – all you need is a standard cork board, a decorative frame large enough to fit the board (you can find these at the dollar store, garage sales, and flea markets for a few bucks), some paint, and stencils. If your frame is in bad shape, you can fill cracks or dents with caulking; then give it a quick coat of spray or acrylic paint.

Use stencils to create an inner border, pattern, or monogram on the cork itself, if you'd like a more ornate look. Then, just attach the cork board to the frame using a staple gun, and voila: you have a lovely place to display photos, reminders, and messages.

• Tightly packed bookshelves can be an eyesore. Transform yours in minutes by stacking some of your books horizontally, making room for framed photos, arranging books by color, or using a decorative object such as a vintage camera as a bookend or paperweight.

• If you can't seem to keep your beauty products off the counter, consider using a decorative jewelry box, easily found at any home décor store, for storage. The dividers are useful for organizing eyeshadows, powders, and Q-tips, while the larger drawers are ideal for makeup brushes. Perfume addicts can use mirrored trays to turn their collection into a Hollywood glamour-style display.

• For those in need of a kitchen cabinet intervention, try this new twist on the old spice rack. Simply install a magnetic board on the inside of a cabinet door, transfer your spices to magnetic jars, and enjoy your newly liberated cabinet space. These jars are available in different sizes at Bed, Bath & Beyond or the Container Store. (Make sure to dispose of any spices more than two years old – they won't make you sick, but they've lost their flavor.)

• When children’s toys are your biggest clutter problem, increasing your storage is the answer. Try using an old trunk as a coffee table (make sure that it conforms to current safety standards), or arranging toy collections in open shadow boxes for unique wall art. You can store Legos and other small toys inside opaque cylindrical vases on your bookshelves. Or hide them inside a picnic basket or vintage suitcase collection.--EM



Erin MacMahon has been working in the home furnishing industry for six years. She is also a freelance author, blogger, jewelry designer, and business student. She lives in Walnut Creek. 
You can find her jewelry for sale at http://www.eri059.etsy.com, or become a fan of her designs on her Facebook fan page at http://www.facebook.com/emacmahon.


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