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PostHeaderIcon Andrea Just Shy of 50-Pound Mark

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Last week, I lost .6 pounds for a total of 49.2 pounds over the last 38 weeks. Yes, I know, I said I would hit the 50-pound mark two weeks ago and it still hasn't happened. That's what I deserve for shooting my mouth off, I guess.  Fifty pounds is not my ultimate goal, but it is something I am looking forward to achieving.  This delay in reaching the 50-pound mark proves that weight loss is not easy and having too much confidence is frequently my downfall. 

The past two weeks have been challenging in ways that don't relate to weight loss.  My personal and professional life have been stressful with lots of changes coming my way.  Processing that stress is hard. Truthfully, I've had a difficult time with it.  Luckily, it hasn't resulted in me going on a sugar binge like I used to.  I just never think of food anymore in times of stress.  Also, the sugar cravings are under control.  I can have a 100 calorie fudge-sickle from time to time and it doesn't lead to other sweet treats. Sometimes  I plan to have dessert after a meal and forget to eat it - can you imagine?  
One big change I have noticed is that I'm really OK with my weight-loss progress and know that I will reach my goal eventually.  Coming to this realization has helped me so much.  Gaining a small amount of weight, or skipping a Weight Watchers meeting weigh-in occassionally is something that I allow to happen.  I never used to be OK with that. 

In the past if I had a gain, I would really beat myself up over it, and eventually quit WW out of frustration.  I am much more in control of my food consumption than I ever had been.  Thinking over this last week, in fact, I don't recall overeating once.  I didn't track my alloted points everyday, but I didn't have any cringe worthy moments when I said, "UGH - why did I eat that?"  That is such a good feeling.  Maybe next week will be the big 5-0.  But if not, I'm OK with that too. 
When I do hit the 50 pound mark, there will a very special "before" photo you won't want to miss.  Tune in.  --AV

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