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Last week, I lost 1.8 pounds for a total of 47.6 over the last nine months.
I am closing in on the 50-pound mark, which makes me deliriously happy.  My weigh-in day this week is on my mom's birthday and she told me that the best present I could give her is to reach 50 pounds on her birthday.  My mom never criticized or judged when I weighed 50 additional pounds and it's nice to have such a great, unconditional supporter.
In a recent WW meeting we talked a lot about portion control.  The meeting leader reviewed many WW tips for determining how much to eat when you don't have a scale handy or a food item isn't packaged with a nutritional analysis.  For instance, a 3 oz. standard chicken breast is about the size of a deck of cards, an ounce of cheese is about the size of your thumb, a cup of rice is about the size of a tennis ball, and a standard bagel is about the size of a CD.  Those comparisons are really helpful when it comes to dining out or eating at other people's homes, two places where I tend to overeat.  When I have relied on guessing the number of points in the past, I was usually way off, resulting in bad surprises on the scale. 
Lately, I have noticed a lot more space on my plate after I have served myself.  All the counting of points, weighing and measuring of food and helped me realize what a portion is.  Piles of food on my plate just doesn't look right to me anymore.  That's great progress for me.
Also, I have noticed lately that I no longer continue to eat after the meal is over.  In the past, my signature move at a dinner party is lingering at the table and "picking" at the remaining food, while my guests and I are chatting.  Everyone else is digesting, while I am still eating.  Just think of the points I added to my daily total in this process.  We had friends over recently and I just stopped eating like everyone else.  I wasn't even aware of this breakthrough until the next day when I was mentally tallying points from the night before. 
Clothing-wise, I can fit into 90 percent of the clothes in my closet.  There are a maybe five pairs of pants that don’t’ fit.  A couple of little black dresses are also out of range.  There is a darling rain coat way in the back of my closet that has never fit (too tight across the shoulders), not even on the day I bought it.  I'm probably another 20 pounds away yet, but that’s OK because the rains are still a ways off. I could fit in the coat by fall.   Check back next week to see if I hit the 50 pound mark. ---AV

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