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PostHeaderIcon Group donates 20,000 Pound of Baby Clothes

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Lisa Klein, an Oakland mother of two and the founder and executive director of Loved Twice, will be featured on the Today Show at 9 a.m. today, July 8 for collecting more than 20,000 pounds of baby clothing for mothers in need. She was honored by Major League Baseball earlier this week when she tossed out the first pitch at an Oakland A’s game. She will also be honored by People Magazine and MLB at the 2010 MLB All-Star Game in Anaheim at 8 p.m. on July 13. The game will be live on FOX at 2 p.m. In addition, one of the 30 community leaders honored by MLB, will be featured in the July 19 issue of People, which will be on newsstands next week. Allnewsnoblues.com sat down with Klein to find out how she does this amazing work.


ANNB: How did you come up with the idea for Loved Twice?
LK: After receiving more than 5,000 pounds of baby clothes in the first year, I decided to officially turn my clothing drive into a  nonprofit. When I did this I was overwhelmed with the generosity of help that people offered.  People from many backgrounds: web designers, lawyers, drivers, copywriters helped out and a contact at a naming company came up with the name Loved Twice and made sure it was legally available.

ANNB: Explain the process you go through for collecting clothes?
LK: The baby clothing is donated by members of the community, who leave items in Loved Twice collection bins located throughout the Bay Area. Check www.lovedtwice.org for exact locations. Loved Twice collects, sorts, and distributes free baby clothing to underprivileged mothers and their babies. We partner with case managers at local hospitals, shelters, prenatal clinics, safe homes, and other nonprofit organizations serving at-risk, low-income, and underserved mothers. Each mother receives a box with approximately 75 items, including clothing for sizes 0-12 months, coats, blankets, socks, shoes, a book and a small, safe toy. 

ANNB: How many pounds of clothes have you donated and how do you know this number is correct?
LK: Loved Twice has donated  more than 20,000 pounds of baby clothes to newborns in need. We know this is an exact number because we weigh each and every box before it was delivered.

ANNB: Who are the mothers you are serving?
LK: I know that most of the women are uninsured, unemployed, have no father figure involved in the babies lives. Some even go straight from the hospital with their baby to a shelter.

ANNB: How many hours a wee do you put into the nonprofit?
LK: I work between 25 and 40 hours per week, depending on the amount of donations that are collected.

ANNB: How did MLB/People magazine find out about you?
LK: I received a grant from the Oakland A’s earlier this year. Shortly after, they asked if they could they could nominate me for the People All-Stars Among Us award. This was a national voting contest with more than  1.7 million votes among the 30 contestants. I was the winner on behalf of the Oakland A’s. One of the 30 will have a chance to be in People Magazine. My fingers are crossed that this will be me.

ANNB: How did you promote the vote drive?
LK: I took the opportunity to tell everyone I knew about the contest. Friends, neighbors, Loved Twice volunteers, national moms’ groups and pregnancy blogs. Facebook was a wonderful social media tool as friends could share the voting link with others.

ANNB:  How do you feel about winning?
LK: I am on cloud 9. It is such a wonderful opportunity to showcase our nonprofit.

ANNB: What do you think the  future holds for Loved Twice?
LK:  I would like to see Loved Twice getting bigger locally. With funding, we would be able to expand to counties surrounding Oakland. Our website gives step by step instructions how others can start their own clothing drive in their own community. I am eager to see how far our concept can expand nationally.

ANNB: How can people help:
LK:  Visit our website, www.lovedtwice.org to find out where to donate baby clothes. Monatary donations can be made via our secure website or mailed to: Loved Twice, 4123 Broadway, Suite 815 Oakland, CA 94611. Even a $10 donation can help with the smallest of our current needs: packing tape.---KB




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