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PostHeaderIcon Losing Weight, Finding Jeans That Work

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Last week my weight stayed the same and I'm fine with that. I'm holding steady at 45.9 pounds lost. I worried for a moment about the flat week bringing my weekly average down, but I can't beat myself up over it.

A rare occurrence happened last week at the law firm where I work – jeans day! I know jeans are very common in offices these days, but at my firm jeans are forbidden except for the rare occasion, such as the Friday before a long holiday.

I started obsessing about what jeans to wear early in the week even though I knew I didn't have to buy new jeans. I just wasn't sure which of my jeans would fit and look flattering.

I also worried that some of my jeans may be out of style since I haven't fit into them in three years. I woke up extra early last Friday morning to dig out the jeans and try them all on. I tried about 15 different pairs in different sizes, different cuts and different washes.

Of the 15, three pairs still don’t fit. Those pairs were snug around the waist and created a "muffin top," an unsightly circle of bulge hanging over the jeans around my midsection. Another three pairs were in a very light wash, a look that I believe has gone out of style. Three pairs were actually too big and I moved them to the "donate" pile.

The two remaining were:

1) "Boot Cut" jeans from the GAP with a slightly distressed finish

2) Dark, "Straight Cut" from Ann Taylor Loft.

Although my partner, Jeff, voted for the GAP jeans, I chose the Ann Taylor Loft pair instead. They are a little dressier and more appropriate for the office. (See for yourself in the pics above) I chose a high wedge shoe to give me that long lean look.

I love jeans and I'm happy to be able to wear them comfortably.

Meanwhile, as I approach the 50-pound mark, I made a plan to celebrate the milestone as it falls on my mom's birthday in mid-July. I have about two weeks and 4.1 pounds to lose. Do you think I can do it? Tune in to see if I reach my goal. –AV

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