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PostHeaderIcon Welcome to a Man's World

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Welcome to a man’s world.

Social expectations still dictate men's behavior and their perception of fashion. Men are expected to be strong and in control, which sometimes doesn't go well with meticulously following each and every fashion trend. Also, men are definitely more limited in their choices. In most department stores, the space allocated for menswear is about 30 percent compared to 70 percent for women. Despite this imbalance, that doesn't mean men shouldn't care about how they look. Changes in menswear are not as easily visible, and although not at the rate as women's, men's fashions do move.

To me this season is very refreshing and lively. I want to share my observations to stir up some excitement among my male readers.


Go Slimmer & Trimmer. Pay attention to the fit. Pants with pleated fronts should go to the back of the closet. I hope that pleated front chinos never come back in style again. I don’t recall seeing anyone look good in these. Men also seem to use a "kangaroo" approach when they have extra room in their front pockets - they store stuff there: phones, business card holders and more. This creates bumps and messes up body proportions. When we talk about the slimmer fit, some might be worrying about the comfort. The good news is that advanced tailoring and natural stretch fabrics allow movement without any restrictions.


Reconsider White Denim. OK, so we're not in San Paulo, Brazil, a mecca for men in white pants. But California has many good reasons to have fun with white, too. When shopping for jeans, be patient: you might need to try 10 to 20 different pairs to find one that fits perfectly. You don't want to compromise comfort, nor the look. Be the first guy in white jeans on your street and observe the reaction of others. You will be noticed for sure, and might even become the trend setter for others.


Experiment With Plaid. It might seem very passe for some, but if you're open to experiment, you'll be quite surprised. Want to start small? Try ties, hats, fabric belts or shorts. Want to go bold? Go for shirts, suits, raincoats. Whatever you feel comfortable with. "When a plaid suit is done right: with subtle, shadowy patterns and a slim cut, it grabs the eye without screaming for attention. Below, actor John Slattery of Mad Men gets down to business in the best of them," says Will Welsh.


Dare To Wear.That Skinny Tie. Again, think Mad Men. Don't these guys look hot in those perfectly fitted suits with slim ties? Use ones in solid colors with shiny, better quality fabrics for the formal occasions and more playful prints for casual occasions.


Put A Hat On. Hats are unfairly underrated and don't get the attention they deserve. Baseball caps are popular under California's sun, but what about a newsboy cap or fedora? A huge variety of materials, prints, colors, and prices are available. Use lighter colors and fabrics for the spring and summer seasons. I don't have a perfect recipe for what shape fits, it depends on many factors. The simple advice here is to try different styles. You'll know when you find the right one.

"When it comes to our personal style, there are no set formulas to follow. No immutable laws to guide us. So make it fun. Experiment until you have your own 'eureka' moment."- from Nordstrom's catalog for men.

Next month we're talking shoes: how many are enough?

As a freelance wardrobe consultant, Diana Placiakiene, AICI, MBA, works with men and women who are looking to advance their professional and personal image. Most of her clients are professionals who want to take their business to the next level. In her practice Diana combines her business skills, understanding of human psychology, natural visual talents, and passion for fashion to help people have more ease, fun and success.

To contact Diana, send e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . You can also find her though:
www.facebook.com/pages/ispeakstyle/170261188958; and

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0 #5 2010-12-28 23:11
This is a fantastic fashionable site. A great source for me and makeup! I love the Mad Men example. A good site and easy to go through and enjoyable!
0 #4 2010-04-09 03:51
The right fit is almost a virtue.James Bond should not be the only one wearing perfectly tailored suits. Great tips, Diana.
0 #3 2010-04-08 04:21
Love the references to Mad Men--they always look great! Another stellar article Diana--keep them coming!
0 #2 2010-04-06 14:42
Interesting. Starting to reconsider white denim.
+1 #1 2010-04-06 07:14
Great article! Truly European sense of style :)

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