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I’ve always thought pickles got a pretty bad wrap.

As a woman, saying you are craving a pickle often leaves people wondering...pregnant? Using the phrase “I’m in pickle” is never for good news, and telling a person he  is "pickled" often means he's had one too many. What's worse, if you've ever seen the big, fat, floating dill pickles in their murky pickle juice in giant glass jars in convenience stores, they don’t look too appetizing.

So, today we present different way to eat a pickle --- deep fried. It's callled a frickle.

Wikipedia tells me that a fried pickle is a "snack item found commonly in the American South and made by deep-frying a sliced battered dill pickle."

“The Fried Dill Pickle was popularized by Bernell "Fatman" Austin in 1963 at the Duchess Drive In located in Atkins, Arkansas,’’ the Web site says. “The Fatman's recipe is only known to his family and used once each year at the annual Picklefest in Atkins, held each May.”

But you don’t have to go to Arkansas to try a frickle. Here is a list of places where you can crunch into one: (Did I mention they are served with Ranch dressing?)

Barclay's Restaurant & Pub, 5940 College Ave. in Oakland.

Smokin Okie's BBQ Joint, 1941 Oak Park Blvd. in Pleasant Hill.

Hooters, 7944 Dublin Blvd. in Dublin.

The Counter Palo Alto, 369 California Ave. in Palo Alto.

The Counter Walnut Creek, 1699 North California Blvd. in Walnut Creek.--KB

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0 #1 2010-03-18 16:22
Oh man, why couldn't I have covered this story. I am all about pickles and deep fried with a side of ranch sounding heavenly!!

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