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PostHeaderIcon Spring: Fashion and Function

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In this era of unbearably light wallets do we have to care about fashion?

According to Evana Magiore, founder of Fashion Feng Shui International, clothing creates our most intimate environment. What we wear affects how we feel. When we wear something we love, we feel better and have more energy to take care of ourselves. And when we take care of ourselves, we're ready to take care of others. It also shows that we're current, we know what's going on and that we're in the game - the game of life.

So, yes, even in these uncertain economic times, it's definitely worth paying attention to fashion.

Fashion for me is about much more than marketing or designers desperate to come up with something new so they can make money. Fashion is in tune with mother earth; it responds to the cycles of nature. Fashion also mirrors world events, reflects political environments and portrays what’s important to us to those around us.

People have been revising their priorities lately and spring fashion is following suit. “Function is the new luxury. People have re-evaluated what they think is important and what they think they need. Minimalism feels right" (Harper's Bazaar, January 2010).

I picked 5 trends and provided my view of how I see them fitting into the context of both the unfolding season and the events of our modern world.

Florals talk spring. Sunshine and the first blossoms of spring incite rebirth, recharging and revival. Life feels exciting and fresh again. Fashion reflects this season of awakening in everything from small, subdued details to big festive blooms. Choose wisely, depending on your body type and your personality. Big bold florals can look overwhelming if you're petite. If you’re unsure, start by adding prints to your accessories – it’s less risky, but still fun.  

Utility jacket brings function. The military-inspired jacket in olive, khaki or neutral colors hints about the state of our current life - be ready for the unexpected. The cut is pretty loose and boxy. It looks new, though, because designers managed to jazz up this outdoorsy practical and pretty boring jacket creating a chic piece that you can wear with jeans, cropped shorts or even over a dress. Experiment with its infinite options!

Clear jewelry suggests transparency
.  It's about being sincere, honest and simple. It's also very versatile (something that everyone needs to be in the age of layoffs) and pairs with everything from simple cotton T-shirts to sophisticated evening dresses. Pick something that’s color-free or has a slight candy coloring to make it more interesting and unique. Depending on the state of your budget you can get a fun piece of jewelry at Target (for $10 or under) or go more upscale at JCrew, Nordstrom, Ann Taylor or local boutiques.

Masculine meets feminine.  The gap between the sexes continues to diminish. Who can wear what and who sits where is becoming a thing of the past. Today, it's about personal power, not about stronger muscles.  And men's clothes can make women feel powerful and sexy. The trend started last year with the boyfriend jacket and oxford lace-ups, and it goes much further this spring: from men's suits to watches and even pj's. It's a great trend, but don't forget to consider your body type and personality first- it should work to complement, not overwhelm. Think about your message, too. 

A play on boots. As winter thaws, the great transitional shoe is the peekaboo bootie. Open toes or/and heels let our feet breathe. Again, function and versatility lead the way. Booties are available in a vast array of colors, styles, and prices. Choose chunkier heels for comfort and edge. The degree of chunkiness is very individual -slimmer and longer legs have an advantage. Keep it moderate, if in doubt. 

Spring is about rejuvenation, recharging and revival. Life is too short to live in black. Express your greatness! Participate in life!

Next month I'm talking to men - who said menswear should be boring?

As a freelance wardrobe consultant, Diana Placiakiene, AICI, MBA, works with men and women who are looking to advance their professional and personal image. Most of her clients are professionals who want to take their business to the next level. In her practice Diana combines her business skills, understanding of human psychology, natural visual talents, and passion for fashion to help people have more ease, fun and success. To contact Diana, send e-mail to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .



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0 #9 2010-02-22 13:01
"Life is too short to live in black" - agree 100%. It is the same about other colours :) Thank you for a inspiring article!
0 #8 2010-02-22 02:04
Great article wish I had known you last year when I was buying clothes. xoxox yoli
0 #7 2010-02-22 01:45

I loved your article you did a fantastic job with your visual examples. I liked the photos you showed for each example wish there had been an example for masculine meets feminine.

XOXO - yoli
0 #6 2010-02-19 17:11
I don't have time to be watching fashion channel and read fashion magazines (unfortunately) . Your writing is concise and very informative. I feel this is all I need to be up to date with all new trends. This is great! Thank you! It feels like you are by my side advising me. Love it!!
0 #5 2010-02-19 04:18
Function is the new luxury! Can't wait for the article about menswear next month.
0 #4 2010-02-19 00:29
Another great read and inspiring fashion article - keep it up!
0 #3 2010-02-18 19:58
Your sense of style spans from wardrobe to writing ..... great article!
0 #2 2010-02-18 19:53
Your sense of style spans from wardrobe to writing - great article.
0 #1 2010-02-18 19:36
GREAT ARTICLE! I saw those pink shoes in Macy's yesterday and thought they were awesome! I have a skirt that matches that shade of pink but didn't have the courage to buy them .Now I will!

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